Turn making it, into made it 

Artists from around the world make their music and mark using
Splice Sounds. From global charts to GRAMMY awards
to cultural resets—Splice Awards 2021 celebrates the artists
pushing the industry forward with new sounds, new approaches,
and new milestones that keep us all listening. This year's winners
are musical proof that the work it takes to turn making
it into made it, sounds as good as it feels.



The Winners

Producer Of The Year ︎︎︎ Vocal Producer Of The Year ︎︎︎ Best Produced Album
︎︎︎ Best Produced Track ︎︎︎ Best Use Of Splice Sounds ︎︎︎ Beyond Genre
︎︎︎ Impact Award ︎︎︎ Icon Award ︎︎︎ New.Wav ︎︎︎ Rise Award ︎︎︎ Splice Fan Favorite


These packs didn’t come to play–
with 500k to 1M downloads
these are the MVP Sounds of this
year’s global music makers.